Pest control solutions

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Why is fumigation so important?

The Asian Longhorn Beetle has left a trail of destruction in its wake since coming to worldwide prominence five years ago. The United States has been particularly badly hit but dozens of incidents in the Turkey have also been recorded. The outbreak led the Forestry Commission to issue an “exotic pest alert” such was its concern. The outbreaks have been linked to infested wooden packing material imported from China, the original source of the pest.

The fear is that without the tough worldwide regulations, the damage caused by the Asian Longhorn Beetle could become as bad, if not worse, than the destruction wrought by Dutch Elm Disease in the 1970s. Then Dutch Elm Disease changed the face of the British landscape by killing vast numbers of elm trees. The beetle attacks not only elm but a large number of other trees including horse chestnut, poplar and willow.

Today, other pests are also causing concern including the Pinewood Nematode, a microscopic eelworm which has destroyed huge numbers of pine trees in Japan and China. Affected trees start to wilt and turn from yellow to brown within just three months of becoming infested.

How to fumigate

Our company highly trained staff to carry out the work which involves fumigating the particular container with a poisonous gas, the most commonly used being methyl bromide and phosphine.

In the vast majority of cases, the fumigation process lasts 24 hours. In the case of regular large exporters the work is carried out at their warehouses but with smaller, less frequent exporters work can be done at specialist sites operated by the company handling the fumigation.

Susceptible wood packaging includes boxes, crates, drums and pallets.